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October 17 2013



My coach recently shared these pointers that he learned from a man that has made millions in the home business sector, vick strizheus (here)... I thought they were wonderful tips so believed I would certainly share them myself:).

When he chats, you listen closely, you compose it down, and you APPLY.

Ninja Productivity Tip 1.

Plan your activities the night before. If nothing else ... this will assist you rest!

And originating from a family with a quickly to be 1 year old and a 2 years ... anything that helps you get a little bit much more rest is all excellent!

Seriously however, planning it out the evening prior to ... or just after you have finished 'function' for the day additionally functions effectively since you are in the circulation. What has to be done is already fresh in your mind.

Ninja Productivity Tip 2.

Prioritize in terms of "Income Producing Activities".

If it does not straight create you traffic, leads or sales - bump it down the checklist.

Ninja Productivity Tip 3.

Concentrate on 1 thing each time. Seems apparent and simple I know ... but most of us do NOT do this!

Look, you have to get rid of all diversions and do that something until it is finished. Turn your phone off ... shut down any extra tabs and home windows on your pc and come down and dirty with that said task until it is DONE!

Pointer 4 really assists a lot with idea 3 also ...

Ninja Productivity Tip 4.

Review your desire statement daily before you begin working.

Exactly what is a dream statement?

It is your reason, your best day, your utmost goal and desire jotted down, in the present strained.

Simply do a fast Google 'the best ways to create a desire statement' to obtain one done.

What this does is reminds you why you are doing just what you are doing.

It lights that fire in you each time prior to you start working ... and when that fire is ROARING ... reach function and smash with all of it with enthusiasm and interest.

NB: By joining up in my group 'The Prosperity Team'... making a dream statement or business plan is A REQUIRMENT ... we're severe regarding seeing to it individuals have a CLEAR DREAM and afterwards helping them REALISE IT:).

As I pointed out, Vick Strizheus is a hugely successful online marketing expert so to not follow his recommendations would certainly be follish really!

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